Southern Illinois Workshop

Butterfly Monitor Training
April 4 and 5, 2020 at Crab Orchard NWR Visitor’s Center


Do you enjoy taking nature walks and watching butterflies? This training is for you!

The Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network (IBMN) is recruiting citizen volunteers to monitor butterfly populations in
Southern and South-Central Illinois. A 2-day training workshop, that will include both classroom and field sessions, will be
held on April 4 and 5 at Crab Orchard NWR. Monitors are needed for several public land sites, and volunteers can suggest
locations close to their home community. Participants must intend to become a butterfly monitor and pledge to turn in
at least 8 surveys of their assigned trail between mid-April and early August. Trails, mapped by IBMN, can usually be
walked at a slow pace in about an hour. There is no charge for the training. Call the Refuge Visitor’s Center at 618-997-
3344, for more information. All participants are welcome to attend both days. New monitors must attend at least the first
day’s session. Day 2 will offer information valuable for returning experienced monitors.

View a flier for these workshops here!