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Hickory Hairstreak

Hickory Hairstreak Hickory Hairstreak (Satyrium caryaevorum)
July 3, 2008
Photo by Donna Motherway

The Butterflies of Illinois by Bouseman & Sternburg says, "The Hickory Hairstreak and Banded Hairstreak look so similar in the field that dissection of genitalia may be required for accurate identification."

Distinguishing characters: The Hickory Hairstreak hindwing postmedian row of spots will be "bordered with white on both the outer and inner sides." The Banded Hairstreak will be strongly margined on the outer side while the inner white side will be "weak to absent". This would suggest that the photo is actually of a Banded Hairstreak. Another subtle difference between the two species, however, is the size of the blue tailspot which is "larger, touching or nearly touching the postmedian band..." which offers credibility to the Hickory Hairstreak identification.

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